JULY 2022 | Local Land Services in Bega

by | July 1, 2022
JULY 2022 | Local Land Services in Bega

bokor is engaged to transform the architecture of an existing brick and metal clad building accommodating veterinary, baiting preparation, offices and public reception.

The Local Land Service’s (LLS) accommodation upgrade at 34 Auckland street, Bega aims to resurrect the existing site to align with the Connected Workplace Strategy that includes a flexible workplace environment and increased collaboration areas.

On-site staff parking and the adaption to floor level access throughout the building are key parts of the project brief. The project proposed a revitalised open plan space with the existing timber roof trusses exposed under a new acoustic ply lined raking soffit.

Work on-site started in July with the construction of our project starting to take shape. The existing slab has been saw-cut for new footings to support the installation of steel lateral framing. A new suspended framed floor will follow and abut the existing front building level beyond.

The design proposal alterations will challenge and aim to unify the historical renovations of the building. Our architectural team is looking forward to creating a successful project with our client, the engineers and the contractor.

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