Patience and persistence pays off
Kosciusko Alpine Club

by bokor architecture + interiors | May 11, 2015
Patience and persistence pays off<br />Kosciusko Alpine Club

Waiting in a blizzard at the Perisher Ski Tube for the Hans oversnow, finally “Alpenhof” was called, the couple next to us spontaneously remarked,

“…you will not believe the transformation of the lodge, it was worth every penny spent and we are members! “

Anonymous praise for a project we have been involved with since 2006.

Founded in 1909, the Kosciusko Alpine Club is one of the oldest private ski clubs on Mount Kosciusko.


In 2006 when bokor were approached by the club to develop a solution to the growing membership numbers and lack of modern accommodation.

Julius and Marianne, (both keen skiers) were excited to present their ideas for the renovation of the existing “Alpenhof lodge”. 



The client investigated within the design competition for a new building. The schemes presented ideas, drawings and a detailed costing.

bokor felt it was more realistic to retain the existing building, upgrade all the services and refurbish the interiors and extend the existing building.



A design was developed and after a complex approval process involving National Parks and the Office of Environment and Heritage the D.A. was finally granted.

All guest rooms were fully renovated including the addition of ensuites and a compliant accessible guest room was added with wheelchair access to the communal lounge, dining room and bar.


The common areas were expanded and modernised including the addition of a new bar and the ground floor manager’s residence was upgraded. The building had undergone many changes and additions over its history and a new over-cladding of vertical corrugated colorbond and a new roof covering brought together these disparate parts and made the building read as a whole again.

Construction of the building’s extension and refurbishment was deliberately staged and timetabled to fit between ski seasons so the lodge could keep operating. The building was completed in June 2013, and opened in in time for the ski season that year. The response from club members has been overwhelmingly positive, a delightful outcome after a difficult start.

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