Balmain House, NSW

Following the arrival of their first child, the owners required a renovation of their heritage listed Victorian workers terrace, to accommodate their growing family. The single story ramshackle kitchen & bathroom wing was demolished and replaced by a 2 storey addition with the original 2 storey fabric of the building being otherwise preserved. 

The additions deliberately do not emulate the cellular masonry construction. Unashamedly modern, the bold extension integrates the inside space with the outside courtyard which also provides outdoor bathing for fun interaction with children.

Expansive views from the first floor were capitalized with large openings that are screened and have canopies above allowing cross ventilation in all weather conditions. The design deliberately differentiates between the old and the new with detailing and materials selection limiting future maintenance and expense. 

Aesthetically there is a deliberate emphasis on the vertical creating a visual separation from the neighbours. The varied interpretations of contemporary design demand a margin to the façade to avoid the clash of elements.

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