Granville Reserve, NSW

bokor prepared a concept design for the Granville Park Sports Pavilion located at the Granville Park, Merryland. The brief for the project was to provide a highly modern space for use by several local sporting teams and clubs. The facility was to include private clubrooms, home and away change rooms, public viewing spaces,  kitchen & kiosk, meeting rooms, public restrooms, first aid room and storage space for the various sports clubs using the space.

The form of our design aims to create a modern building that complimented the residential suburb of Merryland as a means of providing a visual and physical community space. The dual skillion roofs allow for ample glazing located along the north-facing clubroom walls overlooking the sporting ovals. The deep eaves of the roofs provide shading and protection from the water over the first-level balcony and viewing steps located to the edge of the oval.

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